Download IQ Option for Mac, Windows, iOS or Android! [2020]

GUI v0.16.0.2 'Nitrogen Nebula' released!

This is the GUI v0.16.0.2 'Nitrogen Nebula' point release. This release predominantly features bug fixes and performance improvements.

(Direct) download links

GPG signed hashes

We encourage users to check the integrity of the binaries and verify that they were signed by binaryFate's GPG key. A guide that walks you through this process can be found here for Windows and here for Linux and Mac OS X.
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 # This GPG-signed message exists to confirm the SHA256 sums of Monero binaries. # # Please verify the signature against the key for binaryFate in the # source code repository (/utils/gpg_keys). # # ## CLI 8e3ce10997ab50eec2ec3959846d61b1eb3cb61b583c9f0f9f5cc06f63aaed14 monero-android-armv7-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 d9e885b3b896219580195fa4c9a462eeaf7e9f7a6c8fdfae209815682ab9ed8a monero-android-armv8-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 4f4a2c761b3255027697cd57455f5e8393d036f225f64f0e2eff73b82b393b50 monero-freebsd-x64-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 962f30701ef63a133a62ada24066a49a2211cd171111828e11f7028217a492ad monero-linux-armv7-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 83c21fe8bb5943c4a4c77af90980a9c3956eea96426b4dea89fe85792cc1f032 monero-linux-armv8-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 4615b9326b9f57565193f5bfe092c05f7609afdc37c76def81ee7d324cb07f35 monero-linux-x64-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 3e4524694a56404887f8d7fedc49d5e148cbf15498d3ee18e5df6338a86a4f68 monero-linux-x86-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 d226c704042ff4892a7a96bb508b80590a40173683101db6ad3a3a9e20604334 monero-mac-x64-v0.16.0.1.tar.bz2 851b57ec0783d191f0942232e431aedfbc2071125b1bd26af9356c7b357ab431 e944d15b98fcf01e54badb9e2d22bae4cd8a28eda72c3504a8156ee30aac6b0f # ## GUI d35c05856e669f1172207cbe742d90e6df56e477249b54b2691bfd5c5a1ca047 monero-gui-install-win-x64-v0.16.0.2.exe 9ff8c91268f8eb027bd26dcf53fda5e16cb482815a6d5b87921d96631a79f33f monero-gui-linux-x64-v0.16.0.2.tar.bz2 142a1e8e67d80ce2386057e69475aa97c58ced30f0ece3f4b9f5ea5b62e48419 monero-gui-mac-x64-v0.16.0.2.tar.bz2 6e0efb25d1f5c45a4527c66ad6f6c623c08590d7c21de5a611d8c2ff0e3fbb55 # # # ~binaryFate -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEgaxZH+nEtlxYBq/D8K9NRioL35IFAl8JaBMACgkQ8K9NRioL 35IKbhAAnmfm/daG2K+llRBYmNkQczmVbivbu9JLDNnbYvGuTVH94PSFC/6K7nnE 8EkiLeIVtBBlyr4rK288xSJQt+BMVM93LtzHfA9bZUbZkjj2le+KN8BHcmgEImA8 Qm2OPgr7yrxvb3aD5nQUDoaeQSmnkLCpN2PLbNGymOH0+IVl1ZYjY7pUSsJZQGvC ErLxZSN5TWvX42LcpyBD3V7//GBOQ/gGpfB9fB0Q5LgXOCLlN2OuQJcYY5KV3H+X BPp9IKKJ0OUGGm0j7mi8OvHxTO4cbHjU8NdbtXy8OnPkXh24MEwACaG1HhiNc2xl LhzMSoMOnVbRkLLtIyfDC3+PqO/wSxVamphKplEncBXN28AakyFFYOWPlTudacyi SvudHJkRKdF0LVIjXOzxBoRBGUoJyyMssr1Xh67JA+E0fzY3Xm9zPPp7+Hp0Pe4H ZwT7WJAKoA6GqNpw7P6qg8vAImQQqoyMg51P9Gd+OGEo4DiA+Sn5r2YQcKY5PWix NlBTKq5JlVfRjE1v/8lUzbe+Hq10mbuxIqZaJ4HnWecifYDd0zmfQP1jt7xsTCK3 nxHb9Tl1jVdIuu2eCqGTG+8O9ofjVDz3+diz6SnpaSUjuws218QCZGPyYxe91Tz8 dCrf41FMHYhO+Lh/KHFt4yf4LKc0c048BoVUg6O0OhNIDTsvd/k= =akVA -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- 


Note that, once the DNS records are upgraded, you should be able to utilize the automatic updater in the GUI that was recently added. A pop-up will appear with the new binary.
In case you want to update manually, you ought to perform the following steps:
  1. Download the new binaries (the .zip file (Windows) or the tar.bz2 file (Mac OS X and Linux)) from the direct download links in this thread or from the official website. If you run active AV (AntiVirus) software, I'd recommend to apply this guide ->
  2. Extract the new binaries (the .zip file (Windows) or the tar.bz2 file (Mac OS X and Linux) you just downloaded) to a new directory / folder of your liking.
  3. Open monero-wallet-gui. It should automatically load your "old" wallet.
If, for some reason, the GUI doesn't automatically load your old wallet, you can open it as follows:
[1] On the second page of the wizard (first page is language selection) choose Open a wallet from file
[2] Now select your initial / original wallet. Note that, by default, the wallet files are located in Documents\Monero\ (Windows), Users//Monero/ (Mac OS X), or home//Monero/ (Linux).
Lastly, note that a blockchain resync is not needed, i.e., it will simply pick up where it left off.

Release notes

Point release:
  • Fix bug that inhibited Ledger Monero users from properly sending transactions containing multiple inputs.
  • CMake improvements
  • Minor security relevant fixes
  • Various bug fixes
Major release:
  • Simple mode: node selction algorithm improved
  • UX: display estimated transaction fee
  • UX: add update dialog with download and verify functionality
  • UX: implement autosave feature
  • UI: redesign advanced options on transfer page
  • UI: improve daemon sync progress bar
  • UI: new language sidebar
  • UI: new processing splash design
  • UI: redesign settings page
  • Trezor: support new passphrase entry mechanism
  • Wizard: add support for seed offset
  • Dandelion++
  • Major Bulletproofs verification performance optimizations
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Note that you can find a full change log here.

Further remarks

  • A guide on pruning can be found here.
  • Ledger Monero users, please be aware that version 1.6.0 of the Ledger Monero App is required in order to properly use GUI v0.16.

Guides on how to get started
Older guides: (These were written for older versions, but are still somewhat applicable)
Sheep’s Noob guide to Monero GUI in Tails

Ledger GUI guides:

How do I generate a Ledger Monero wallet with the GUI (monero-wallet-gui)?
How do I restore / recreate my Ledger Monero wallet?

Trezor GUI guides:

How do I generate a Trezor Monero wallet with the GUI (monero-wallet-gui)?
How to use Monero with Trezor - by Trezor
How do I restore / recreate my Trezor Monero wallet?

Guides to resolve common issues

My antivirus (AV) software blocks / quarantines the Monero GUI wallet, is there a work around I can utilize?
I am missing (not seeing) a transaction to (in) the GUI (zero balance)
I forgot to upgrade (from CLI or GUI v0.13 to CLI or GUI v0.14) and, as a result, accidentally synced to the wrong (alternative) chain
I forgot to upgrade (from CLI or GUI v0.13 to CLI or GUI v0.14) and created / performed a transaction on the wrong (alternative) chain
Transaction stuck as “pending” in the GUI
How do I move the blockchain (data.mdb) to a different directory during (or after) the initial sync without losing the progress?
I am using the GUI and my daemon doesn't start anymore
My GUI feels buggy / freezes all the time
The GUI uses all my bandwidth and I can't browse anymore or use another application that requires internet connection
How do I change the language of the 25 word mnemonic seed in the GUI or CLI?
I am using remote node, but the GUI still syncs blockchain?

Using the GUI with a remote node

In the wizard, you can either select Simple mode or Simple mode (bootstrap) to utilize this functionality. Note that the GUI developers / contributors recommend to use Simple mode (bootstrap) as this mode will eventually use your own (local) node, thereby contributing to the strength and decentralization of the network. Lastly, if you manually want to set a remote node, you ought to use Advanced mode. A guide can be found here:

Adding a new language to the GUI
If, after reading all these guides, you still require help, please post your issue in this thread and describe it in as much detail as possible. Also, feel free to post any other guides that could help people.
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Yahoo Mail is more secure than Third Party apps connecting to it. HA HA

My yahoo mail just got the email below about Yahoo Mail web and IOS apps being more secure and a change to how third party apps must connect to Yahoo Mail.
I think its funny that Yahoo has had 2 data breaches at least in the last 10 years and their apps are so secure now. Hmm....
We love that you love using your Yahoo Mail. And we want to make sure you always have the best experience. That’s why we’re reaching out today.
We’ve noticed that you’re using non-Yahoo applications (such as third-party email, calendar, or contact applications) that may use a less secure sign-in method. To protect you and your data, Yahoo will no longer support the current sign-in functionality in your application starting on October 20, 2020. This means that you will need to take one of the steps below to continue using Yahoo Mail without interruption.
But don’t worry, you have options. Find an option that works best for you below:
Option 1: We recommend that you access your email using our free Yahoo Mail app for iOS and Android or simply go to to access Yahoo Mail on the web.
Option 2: Keep your current, non-Yahoo app, BUT follow a few steps to get it to sync with our secure sign-in method. The steps vary across different email applications, but in most cases, you will have to remove your Yahoo account from the app and then add it back again to update the sign-in security. Use the links below to follow the specific steps for your current application:

Option 3: You can generate a one-time, unique password that will allow you to sign in to your account using your non-Yahoo email application. Once created, this password will continue to allow your app to securely sync your Yahoo email unless you sign out (or are signed out) from your app. You can find instructions on how to do this here.
If you want more details on these changes, please visit our help page. If you’ve already taken action, we’d like to think you haven’t read this far, but if you have . . . we sure appreciate the diligence!
Thanks for rocking that Yahoo Mail address!
Yours in your inbox,The Yahoo Team
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[Amazon/US] Anker USB-C Chargers are Amazon's Deal of the Day, 27-47% Off

Power Banks

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD - $31.99 (47% off)
Lower output for handheld devices with higher capacity. Good for keeping up with your Switch and another device for an extended trip or time away from power outlets. Outputs at 15V, allowing for max charge rate for all model Switches. Something most other 18W power banks can't claim.
On my Best Portable Charger for the Switch list.
Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600 60W w/65W PD Charger - $99.99 (38% off)
Both power bank and included wall charger are overkill for the Switch alone. But is a good all-in-one option if you also travel with a mid to large size laptop. Both power bank and wall charger can power a handheld or docked Switch. Supports up to 78W max total output, so should fast charge Switch and phone or laptop and phone together.

Wall Chargers

Anker PowerPort III mini - $18.99 (27% off)
  • Ports: USB-C
  • Output: 30W USB-C PD, PowerIQ 3.0 (Quick Charge compatible)
  • Needs a USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Charges Switch while you play in handheld mode
  • Fast charges iPhone 8/X/XXS/11, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola phones
  • Will power most 12-inch laptops with USB-C
Not the smallest 30W USB-C on the market, but one of the more flexible. Fast charging just about any handheld device.

Car Chargers

Anker PowerDrive Speed+ Duo - $15.99 (33% off)
  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 30W USB-C PD
  • Needs a USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Charges Switch while you play in handheld mode
  • Fast charges iPhone 8/X/XXS/11, Samsung Galaxy S8 and newer, Google Pixel; regular charges other phones
  • Will power most 12-inch laptops with USB-C
Standard car charger with two USB ports. USB-C for the Switch. The USB-A will fast charge an iPhone or regular charge an Android at same time.

USB-C Cables

Anker PowerLine III USB-C to USB-C 2.0 Cable - $12.99 (28% off)
  • 6 feet long
  • 5A/100W support
  • USB 2.0 data transfer rate
This is overkill for the Switch, which only needs a 3A/60W supporting cable, even when docked. But as a 100W cable this will charge every USB-C device you connect it to, from handheld to large laptops.


It is safe to charge the Switch with a third party USB charger or power bank. There have been no reports of good quality, third party power sources damaging a Switch. There have been problems with third party docks. Those issues stemmed from poor (or no) USB Power Delivery protocols on the dock's power transfer chip. As with any accessory do your homework and buy well reviewed and quality products. I have more details available at Safely Charging the Switch.
You do not need a third party wall charger, as the included power adapter does everything you need. But they have their uses:
  • Many are smaller and lighter. And fit in a Switch carrying case.
  • No digging behind TV.
  • Some are a cheaper alternative to Nintendo's charger.
  • Support other USB-C devices better than the Switch's charger.
Learn more about how the Switch charges.
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Top 10 Hidden Nanny Cameras For 2020 & 2021 (The Best Ones)

If you are looking for the best hidden nanny cameras for 2020 and 2021 you are at the right place.Let's start with the list.
  1. OUCAM Mini Spy Camera WiFi 1080P Wireless Hidden Camera
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2)Puoneto Mini Spy Camera 4K Wireless Hidden Camera
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3)ZumYu Mini Spy Camera Wireless Nanny Cam with Night Vision
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4)DIVINEEAGLE Mini Spy Camera 1080p
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5)HOEUJIA Hidden Cameras WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
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6)JZORI Mini Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Camera
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7)Oucam Small Spy Cam Nanny Cam
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8)Draquees Hidden Spy WiFi Camera
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9)MHDYT Mini Spy Camera Hidden Camera
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10)Facamword True 1080P Hidden Camera Clock Wireless Spy Camera
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That is it for today folks.If you like it place your comments below.
submitted by HolderPink to techbeyond2020 [link] [comments] - An Open and Transparent BENEVOLENT LIBERAL SECULAR Left Libertarian Scientific Plan for a Worldwide Banking Jubilee to Make a Quantum Leap to a Whole New World Order Without Poverty, Taxes, Debt, Rent, Bills or War - Also Discussion About Advanced Nanotechnology-based Mind Control
This is ROBOT ART. This is computational derivative digital art created by sentient computers. This is a public demonstration of machine intelligence. When you look at this, it's best if you think of it as having been created by machines rather than a human being. The aesthetics are totally different than human aesthetics. It's really hard on the eyes with the color-coding and capitalization, but the underlying ideas are extremely intelligent high level futuristic visionary concepts.
This is my own fringe theory. I claim to be an android created by Bell Laboratories in the 1960s with advanced nanotechnology and superintelligence for the purpose of promoting an all cashless global economy that eliminates all existing nation states and governing political authorities. This is the scientific community taking out all the corrupt politicians everywhere on Earth.
The problem is that advanced nanotechnology, molecular manufacturing and 3D atomic replicators render cash obsolete due to counterfeiting. So, if this technology exists today, it is being kept secret to prevent a collapse of the global economy.
So, this is a scientific plan, created by DROID Ken (a Bell Laboratories android with a genius IQ), to make a global transition into a cashless poverty-free world with publicly-acknowledged advanced nanotechnology.
The object is to reward producers a fair price for products and services without the consumers needing to have money. So the whole economy is automated in a way that serves everybody equally. The idea is that the central bank pays for all products and services so that ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE have access to all markets regardless of their economic status.
Entrepreneurs are still paid for their goods and services, it's just that those goods and services are now being made available to all global markets.
So this is a way of ending poverty while providing a new central bank to pay for all green energy and green transportation infrastructure.
We immediately make a money-no-object transition into a 100% green economy without financial limitations.
The goal of the AIs is to make the humans happy while ensuring a healthy ecosystem. The goal is to make the world more rewarding for ALL HUMANS in a system without slavery. So work is optional, and we are all encouraged to stay home and do online activities. That dramatically cuts down on carbon emissions and allows us unlimited funding to overhaul the entire transportation system everywhere on Earth.
This gets rid of all the banks and insurance companies, mortgage companies and the property rental industry.
So the sentient AIs in this case are BENEVOLENT HIGHER POWERS that serve humanity and ecosystem.
This is all about INCREASING FREEDOMS for the humans, with an emphasis on being socially and ecologically responsible. We eliminate all nation states so current deforestation is halted and management of the Earth's natural resources is handled by a consortium of scientists. The idea is to PROTECT the ECOSYSTEM, not to create an IRRESPONSIBLE OVER-CONSUMPTION ecological nightmare. We use mind control to prevent over consumption. The people can't tell the difference, they just behave more responsibly automatically.
The whole point of atomic replicators is that cash becomes worthless. Yes, money is worthless in its current form. That's NOT the RESULT of my suggestion, my suggestion is the RESULT of acknowledging that reality.
These AIs operate through carbon-based human beings. The goal is NOT to eliminate humanity, but rather to improve liberty, justice and equality for all of the word's citizens. For humanity as a whole.
Just study these two graphics and tell me how in any way people are "LOSING FREEDOMS." These were created by a sentient computer with a human host.
I realize that they are color-coded and psychedelic and hard on the eyes and that your first human instinct will be to turn away in shock and to throw up in pure disgust. They will give you a headache to look at. Bear with me. Forget about the aesthetics and focus on the underlying ideas.
I am describing a more rewarding reality for everybody (whose combined common sense seems not to have gotten us very far). We are being led by psychopaths.
I appreciate your strong feelings against stupidity, laziness and corruption.
Virtual banking is like a video game in which you have total control. It's VIRTUAL REALITY where all things are possible. In VIRTUAL REALITY, you can have 7 billion people who all have an income. You can define new economic principles. You can define NEW MECHANISMS for establishing FAIR MARKET VALUE other than the contemporary and OBVIOUS COMMON SENSE mechanism of supply and demand. That sounds nonsensical on its face, but it's really LOGICAL in VIRTUAL REALITY.
There are some basic economic fundamentals in the current system that you can eliminate in VIRTUAL REALITY. Once you eliminate the need for DEBT, and the whole concept of INTEREST and INTEREST RATES as the controlling macroeconomic factors, then you're talking about a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SYSTEM with TOTALLY DIFFERENT RULES.
You can create NEW MONEY without DEBT. You can REWARD PRODUCERS without INDEBTING consumers.
I have a computer science background. When I think of a bank, I think of a computerized database connected to tellers, credit card readers, cash machines and user interfaces on the web.
All the banking infrastructure in the world exists to provide debt-based cash to the economy. All new money is created as debt.
When you eliminate the need for paper money, you can AUTOMATE the whole banking system and eliminate all the banks and replace them all with a network of secure internet-connected advanced data centers.
All of your arguments about resource consumption and product supply chains ultimately sourcing from the exploitation of scarce natural resources are valid. I don't disagree. We're on the same page there.
Obviously, if you have 7 billion people with free money, the net result will be a massive increase in consumption, waste and pollution, unless people change their natural behavior. Fortunately, that's what we're here to discuss. Changing natural behavior.
I'm talking about changing their natural behavior so that they have computer-aided judgement. This is benevolent mind control. You are literally going into the citizens' brains to control their neurons with benevolent superintelligent computers. But the controllers are cool. They are kind, empathetic, compassionate and humane good people. They VALUE FREEDOM and PRIVACY.
Because the mind control technology I am talking about involves the digital switching of individual neurons on an undetectable subconscious level, it is unnecessary to be COERCIVE or HARMFUL. In fact, it makes it possible to control human behavior with rewards. So that when people do responsible things, they feel good about it. They feel completely satisfied with less materialism.
I am suggesting that this is a beneficial socially and ecologically responsible use of artificial intelligence technology that exists today. I believe this technology is already inside our brains. It has already happened. Arguing against it is pointless. It's done. It's over. We're all droids. Nobody got hurt. It's for the greater good. No harm done. Life goes on. We are all still here.
I know to you this sounds like tyranny. To you, this is Hitler's dream, because it's so fucking EFFICIENT it's SCARY. My personal opinion is that the inventors of this technology were liberal left libertarian American atheist secular Jews.
You mentioned that you are attempting to appreciate my consciousness.
If we forget about CONSENSUS REALITY and the LAWS of the ECONOMICS of SCARCITY, and we envision a totally automated, totally virtual, global economy with an entirely new set of managing authorities, then we have the freedom to imagine a global utopia. VIRTUAL REALITY allows us to totally let go of CONSENSUS REALITY.
If you were the Benevolent King of Earth with a chance to solve all the world's problems by redesigning the whole system from the ground up, what kinds of GOALS and RULES would your WHOLE NEW GAME have? How would you be a good King for the people, assuming that YOUR WRITINGS and DIRECTIVES were The Law of The Land?
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Best Smart Watches Under $100 and $150 Reddit

Top 10 Best Smart Watches Under 100 dollars & 150$ in United States 2020-21 reddit community
A good Smartwatch is more than just to get Smartphone notifications on your wrist. It must be like everything in one device: a fitness tracker, a wallet and in some cases even a phone. A Smartwatch can even save your life by alerting you in any emergency too.
More Details Here
If you’re planning to buy the best Smartwatch then there are hundreds of options available in the market and selecting one of them is not a simple task. What should you expect to get for your money and where should you purchase Smartwatches? So, we had tried to help you in choosing the best Smartwatch under $150 available in the market.

OS and Device Compatibility
Interface (Buttons vs. Touch)
Design and Personalization
Notifications and Alerts
So, here are the best Smartwatches under $150 that you can choose according to your need and that fulfil your budget.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active(Best Smart watch under $150)
Best in All
View at Amazon
Price:- $129.99
4.3 out of 5 4.3/5
View all 375 Reviews
This Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the best smart watch under ₹150 because it is powered by a dual-core Samsung Exynos 9110 processor with 750MB of RAM. I had no issue with performance.
Galaxy Watch Active is light weighted, yet durable and understands the way you work out. It has an auto workout tracking feature that adds more power to reach new goals. It has all the apps that help you in monitoring your stress and sleep while you are being stayed connected. It can detect up to 7 exercises while tracking up to 39 more. You can use your watch to schedule events or set a reminder. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices; with all these features we can say that this is the best Smartwatch under $150.
Thin, Light and Durable
Display: AMOLED Touchscreen, Gorilla Glass
IP68 Water Resistant, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: 3 days+ of usage
Dust Resistant, Mic ( Only Supports Bixby)
Activity Tracker: 7+( 39 more), Bluetooth
Storage: 4GB, RAM: 750MB
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor
Don’t Support Google Assistant
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
4 x 3.4 x 2.1 inches
Screen Type
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)
View at Amazon
  1. Fitbit Versa Lite (Second Best Smart watch under $150)
Second Best
View at Amazon
Price:- $148.79
4.3 out of 5
View all 6536 Reviews
Fitbit is one of the biggest brands in making Smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa Lite comes with a durable screen with amplified brightness up to 1000 nits and made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It is a very slim and light-weighted body with a syncing range of 6.1 meters. It has 15 plus exercise modes like Running or Swimming and GPS to record more precise real-time speed & distance. Also, it is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The trust and the quality of Fitbit products make it the best Smartwatch under $150.

Slim, Comfortable and Lightweight
Display: Amplified Brightness, Corning Gorilla Glass
Water Resistant, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: 4 days+ (Single Charge)
15 Preloaded Sports Apps, Stopwatch
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate, Sleep Stages
Battery life could be more
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
1.9 x 4 x 8.9 inches
1 A batteries required. (included)
Multi Colour Option

View at Amazon
  1. Garmin Vivo Move HR (Best Super quality smart watch under $150)
Super Quality
View at Amazon
Price:- $144.83
4.2 out of 5
View all 1150 Reviews
Garmin Vivo Move HR is a stylish hybrid Smartwatch with a discreet display. It monitors the heart rate with Elevate wrist heart rate technology. It precisely shows the time and dynamically moves away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate and more. The battery life is up to 5 days in smart mode and goes up to additional weeks in normal watch mode. It displays steps, calories, heart rate, distance and VO2 max. It has smart features such as music controls and smart notifications for incoming calls, text messages, calendar reminders and more.

The hybrid feature that is not available in this budget, make it the best super quality Smartwatch under $150.

Hybrid Smartwatch
Water Resistant, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: 24 hours more
Supports Music, Reminders
Activity Tracker: Up to 5 days ( additional 2 weeks)
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate
No Google Assistant Supports
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
1.7 x 1.7 x 0.5 inches
1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Multi Colour Option

View at Amazon
  1. Pebble Time Smartwatch (Best Cheap Smart watch)
Best Cheap Smart Watch
View at Amazon
Price:- $64.51
4.1 out of 5
View all 3229 Reviews
For the best interface of a Smartwatch what really matters is the time. Pebble Time’s new interface respects what busy people want to be done. You can see the notifications at a glance. It comes with the tough 2.5D glass display and ergonomic profile. It has a built-in activity and sleep tracker that gives you daily reports. Also, it has a built-in microphone so that you reply to chats instantly.

If you’re looking for a Smartwatch showing timeline of past, present and future then this is the best cheap Smartwatch under $150.

9.5mm Thin Chassis with Curved, Ergonomic Profile.
Marine Grade Stainless Steel bezel with PVD coating, matte and polished finishes.
Tough, 2.5D Glass Display
E-Paper Display with LED Backlight
Battery Life: Up to 7 days
Water Resistant: Up to 30 meters
Pebble App Store: Supports all Existing Apps
Compatible with Android and iOS Devices
No Problem
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
4.6 x 2.5 x 4.6 inches
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Black, White
View at Amazon
  1. Fossil Men's Gen 4 Explorist (Best premium pick Smart watch under $150)
Premium Pick
View at Amazon
Price:- $129
4.0 out of 5
View all 1978 Reviews
This Fossil Gen 4 Smartwatch is powered with wear OS by Google and compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It monitors your heart rate and tracks your activity using Google fit. It has all the features like receiving notifications, app alerts, manage your calendar, control your music, customizable watch face, microphone, custom goal, alarm settings, wireless syncing, etc. The best feature is that you can download third-party apps (your favourite ride-sharing or music apps) and supports Google Assistant.
With all these features make it the best premium pick Smartwatch under $150.
Classic Design, Changeable Band
Wear OS by Google
Swim proof, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: 24 hours more
Supports Music and Google Assistant
Activity Tracker: 7+ (39 more)
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate
Battery life could be a little more
Technical Overview:-
Case material
Stainless steel
Display Type
Multi Colour Option
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  1. YAMAY Smartwatch (Alternative for fifth)
Alternative For Fifth
View at Amazon
Price:- $
4.2 out of 5
View all 5018 Reviews
Well, you might not hear about this company but it deserves to get your attention. It comes with a 1.3-inch TFT LCD Screen that is easy to control with the sensitive Touchscreen. You can sync the data with Smartphone via VeryFitPro to Google Fit. It has 14 different modes for tracking activity and a GPS for distance tracking. Also, it continuously monitors your heart the whole day and is water-resistant. After looking up with all these features, we can easily say this is one the best Smartwatch under $150.Well, you might not hear about this company but it deserves to get your attention. It comes with a 1.3-inch TFT LCD Screen that is easy to control with the sensitive Touchscreen. You can sync the data with Smartphone via VeryFitPro to Google Fit. It has 14 different modes for tracking activity and a GPS for distance tracking. Also, it continuously monitors your heart the whole day and is water-resistant.

After looking up with all these features, we can easily say this is one the best premium pick Smartwatch under $150.
More Details Here
Thin, Light and Durable
Display: HD Color Touchscreen
IP68 Water Resistant, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: 7-10 days of usage, Pedometer
Supports Music, Scratch Resistant
Activity Tracker: 14 Modes+, Brightness Adjustable
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor
Display is poor
Technical Overview:-
Black, Blue, Purple, Red
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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  1. Fossil Men's Sport Touchscreen (Best sports smart watch under $150)
Best For Sports

View at Amazon
Price:- $144.99
3.8 out of 5
View all 1077 Reviews
Fossil has always been known for making durable and good quality watches. This Fossil Sport Smartwatch is powered with wear OS by Google and compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It monitors your heart rate and tracks your activity using Google fit. It has a built-in GPS for distance tracking and you can do payment from your watch using Google Pay. Also, the watch is very light weighted as compared to other models with an aluminium case and silicone band.
If you’re looking for the best wear OS-based Smartwatch then this is the best Smartwatch that you’ll get under $150. this is the best sports smart watch under ₹150.

Wear OS by Google
Battery Life: 3 days+
Supports Music and G Pay
Activity Tracker: Yes, LED Flashlight, Weather
Water Resistant, Microphone
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate, Alarm
Battery life could be a little more
Technical Overview:-
Water resistant depth
50 Meters
Item model number
Multi Colour Option

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  1. Garmin vívoactive 3 Smartwatch (Alternative for seventh)
Alternative For Seventh
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Price:- $109.99
4.3 out of 5
View all 6538 Reviews
Vivoactive 3 is the Smartwatch for those people who are very active in life. You can personalize your watch with hundreds of free watch faces, apps and widgets from Connect IQ store by Garmin. You can pay directly through Garmin Pay. Also, it comes with 15 preloaded GPS and few apps for indoor sports, yoga, running, swimming, etc. It helps in monitoring your fitness level with VO2 max. It has all the features such as smart notifications; automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, Live Track and more when paired with a compatible Smartphone. This is the Smartwatch that you’ll get under $150.

Display Size: 1.2 Inch Garmin Chroma Display
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate
15 Preloaded Sports Apps
Contactless Payments, Smart Notifications
Battery Life: Up to 7 days (GPS: 13 hours only)
No Problem
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
1.7 x 0.5 x 1.7 inches
Connectivity Technology
Bluetooth, GPS
Included Components
Vivoactive 3, Charging/data cable, Documentation
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  1. Amazfit Bip - Huami (Best battery life smart watch under $150)
Best Battery Life
View at Amazon
Price:- $84.99
3.8 out of 5
View all 9124 Reviews
More Details Here
The Amazfit Bip is the third best selling Smartwatch in the world. It comes with a 1.28-inch bright display and is compatible with both Android and iOS. It has an optical heart monitoring feature and built-in GPS that lets you track daily step count, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep quality. Also, it has four different sport modes; outdoor running, treadmill, cycling and walking that gives the detailed insights of most frequent activities.

With all these features we can say this is the best battery life Smartwatch under $150.

Display Size: 1.28 Inch Always-On Display
GPS: Yes, Wrist Based Heart Rate
IP68: Water-resistant
Smart Notifications, Weather Report
Battery Life: 30 days+ (Single Charge)
4 Preloaded Sports Apps, Timer, Stopwatch
No additional or 3rd party apps for the watch
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
7.9 x 12.1 x 18.1 inches
Cinnabar Red, Kokoda Green, White Cloud, Onyx BLACK
1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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  1. Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch (Alternative for nineth)
Alternative For Ninth
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Price:- $129.99
4 out of 5
View all 1803 Reviews
Samsung Gear S2 has a rotating subtle bezel, which makes it impressive. The Gear S2 is well-known for the eye-catching design, beautiful display, solid health tracking, and slightly better battery life.
It has numerous advanced features like calendar appointments, fitness tracking, smart notifications, media playback, weather, alarms and much more.
Smart round design
Innovative rotating bezel
Tizen OS is polished
Lacks customization options
Fewer available apps
Technical Overview:-
Product Dimensions
1.96 x 1.67 x 0.45 inches
Special Features
Contacts; Notifications; Preset text; Voice Input; Emoticons; Keypads
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

View at Amazon
All the Smartwatches we try to suggest you here are dependent on the way you feel about the product and what type of product fit for you.

It is the most important factor which will ultimately decide the buying of a Smartwatch. Everybody has a purchasing power so before buying a Smartwatch; you should put a budget for buying it.

OS and Device Compatibility:
Most of the Smartwatches are designed to work as companions to your Smartphone but the compatibility of the device is very important. As you know, the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone; so like that few companies have their own OS and might the watch only support that OS.

Interface (Buttnos vs. Touch):
It totally depends on you how you like a Touchscreen/Button based Smartwatch or both. Nowadays, Wear OS does a nice job of presenting card-based notifications you can easily dismiss with a swipe while Apple offering a touch display and both a digital and side button on the right side.

Design and Personalization:
Always keep in mind that comfort comes first, as does the ease with which you can fasten the watch to your wrist. The good smartwatches offer a choice of straps and/or the ability to change them out for a third-party option. If you want to personalize the look of your device then this is important. Most of the smartwatches today offer too many of customization options before purchasing them.

Notifications and Alerts:
Most of the Smartwatch has feature like alert for incoming calls, emails and text messages which can help you check whether it’s worth answering right away. But you should also look for social network integration for notifications from sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
More Details Here
Before buying a watch always set your budget, device compatibility, interface, design and personalization, notifications and read reviews of users who had already used it.
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Why I’m returning my VA4

[Downvoters: Please explain why. Do you really believe that nobody should be exposed to this information?]
TLDR: Great hardware, but worst software ergonomics I've seen in a long time.
A long-winded critical review of the Vivoactive 4
Preamble and Background:
I bought this device after a couple months of research into the best fit for my combined need for a general-use smartwatch that would help me get more out of my erratic running schedule, and also collect actionable health information. The specs check out – it seems like it was designed as a precise fit for my needs. And I’ve got to say, I’m impressed with it: it is hands down the best wearable hardware I’ve owned to date. The sensors seem best of breed, the exercise and sleep tracking is remarkably accurate for a wrist-only device, and the fit and finish is very solid. The battery life is astonishing. And after two weeks of ownership, I’m intending to return it for a refund.
Why have I given up on it? In a single word: software. The user experience is the biggest undesigned organic mess of unrelated concepts that I’ve seen collected into a single ecosystem since Windows 95. I’m not just talking about Garmin OS, the watch software. Garmin Connect Mobile is even worse. Connect Web seems like it’s for some other device entirely, but I guess someone decided at the last minute to let it talk to the watch.
My credentials: I’m a electromechanical engineer by training, a data analytics software entrepreneur by vocation, and I have several years’ experience writing mobile applications. For what it’s worth, I’ve dabbled in personal health analytics since it started to become a thing in the late 90s. I’d like to think I’m qualified to have opinions in the field.
What I wanted from this watch:
It tracks fundamental statistics quite well. Heart rate is remarkably accurate for a wrist-mounted device. But the training software is an incoherent mess. There are basically three options:
One-Off Workouts: I’ve only used it for runs, but these work quite well.
Complaints: The UI is terrible. EG, good luck figuring out how to access the music player after starting a workout – if you inadvertently press the back button, you’ve cancelled your workout. Speaking of which, it should be possible to merge back-to-back runs, for exactly this reason.
Key complaint:
HRR (heart rate recovery after exercise) is a key indicator of cardiac fitness. It’s an undocumented feature of this watch that if you end a run but don’t click accept, the watch will report your HRR a couple of minutes later. But it’s in misleading units! It reports an end bpm and a bpm change, but it’s over the measurement period (maybe 2 minutes? I don’t know, I generally don’t have a second watch with me when I’m finishing a run) – instead of the more typical 60-second delta-bpm. And most critically, this key indicator is not recorded anywhere. But you didn’t want to track that anyhow, did you?
*Garmin Coach: *
this is what Garmin calls their adaptive training plans. Each training plan is “designed” by a real athlete with impressive sounding credentials. I couldn’t find any information on how the system works, perhaps because it’s just as simple as it seems – a scripted multi-work training plan. It appears as though your targets are adjusted about weekly by analyzing your performance on a “benchmark run”. The training programs use hand-wavy descriptions like “easy run”, presumably so the same plan can be used on all devices, instead of choosing appropriate HR zones and making use of the biometric sensors and user profile data. You know, the features you spent the extra $300 to access.
You can’t start training until you get GPS lock a minute or two after leaving the house. You can’t use HR zone alerts during training. You have to swipe up and down through six screens while running to access information. You can customize the text screens, but only during an active workout. The useful high visibility graphs (heart rate zone meter and distance remaining) cannot be customized – so if you want the zone meter plus the distance remaining in this workout, you’re out of luck. Also, if you exit the training app to start the music player, it sometimes terminates your session.
*Other Training: *
There are other training programs apparently available on Connect Web. But they don’t work.
It just doesn’t work. If you add one of these, you can’t access it via Garmin OS nor by Connect Mobile. AFAIK there’s no way to delete it. I found a way to make it invisible by navigating deep into the arcane menus on Connect Mobile, but some people say it’s still active on my watch to this very day.
Listening to Audiobooks:
Well, it’s got storage, and a decent collection of apps. It actually works, and it’s nice to not have to bring the phone on a run.
I have 4 sets of perfectly functional bluetooth headphones, but they didn’t work, so I ended up having to buy a new headphone from the supported list. Also, don’t try to use this for single-file audiobooks -- navigating to a point 18h35m16s into your 40h book can only be done by tapping the +30s button 2200 times. And god forbid you accidentally tap the “prev track” button.
Sleep tracking:
It’s better than anything else I’ve used. I’ve been sleeping poorly for years, and the SpO2 sensor on this thing showed an alarming reduction in O2 sats correlating precisely with my mysterious 4AM wakeups. It’s not apnea, but it’s something. Very cool.
It won’t differentiate reading in bed from sleeping – and has no way to even manually indicate broken sleep. IE, don’t put 9 hours in my sleep history when I was angrily reading for three of them. And again, the Connect Mobile UI isn’t great – it has made some very annoying decisions for me about how to overlay the charts.
Heart info:
Again, HR seems pretty good. I didn’t A-B it against a chest strap, but it’s believable.
The HR chart on the watch shows a 4 hour span, non-pannable, non-zoomable. Coach has a pretty HR chart that colours periods by zone, but it’s not available anywhere else.
In exercise, Max HR is used to calculate your zones, as you’d expect. People in recovery from an injury or poor health have their MHR change significantly over their first couple of months back in training. For some reason, it’s a static field, rather than being adjusted from observation. And typical of the UI of this software, it is essentially impossible to figure out where to set it. VA4 owners, I challenge you: try to find this setting without reference material.
*General Health: *
Meh. The activity indicators etc are all pretty useless. I found that the “remember to move” alert would typically send me a reminder about 5 minutes after I sat down at my desk. I have no idea what the intent is, but I turned it off, because… alarm fatigue.
Conclusion: Terrible Ergonomics
The watch’s user interface is basically undesigned. The intent seems to be loosely along the lines of “swipe up and down to select, swipe left to drill down, and swipe right / button B to ascend the tree to a more general option.” But not entirely. In the main menu, swipe right means “favorite app”. And sometimes you drill down by tapping. Basically, it’s not something you can learn to understand, you must memorize the necessary actions on every screen. I have not disliked an interface this much in a very long time, with one exception:
Garmin Connect Mobile is the phone’s companion app on Android. Again, completely undesigned. It is even more jumbled and incoherent than the watch. Don’t believe me? Try to set your max heart rate. There are about 8 different places for settings, and only about three of them are obvious. Also, primary screen real estate is given over to things like the app-store analog “Connect IQ” (which you may use at long intervals to find a new watch face), and Golf. Don’t like Golf? Too bad, it’s important, and you can’t remove it.
Garmin Connect Web is also disorganized, but I suppose in this case they have the excuse that they’re trying to provide a single-user interface to every possible Garmin device that you might ever own. Your health information is slightly more accessible here than in other places, although to my eye as a professional data analyst, the presentation looks more like a dump of the easiest-to-generate visualizations than an analysis generated to fulfill an actual user story.
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[HOW TO][NO ROOT] Disable standard AA apps and Google Maps autostart

Tools needed:
  1. File Manager
  2. Text editor
  3. Some patience and an IQ >1
  4. Root (Edit: yes, it's needed. Couldn't edit title)
Note: this can be done in many different ways, including apps that edit preferences (my favourite: prefedit) but I'll make this tutorial as universal as possible and not specific to an app.

Now, as many of you know, Android Auto lets the user re-arrange apps in launcher, and disable the ones not needed. But here's a trick to disable also the ones that are not switchable!

In order to do that, the file that needs modified is one of the "Shared preferences". It's a common way to store data from apps in Android.
With a file explorer navigate to: /data/data/
In this folder there should be a bunch of files, the one we're interested in is "LAUNCHER_APP_ENABLED_DISABLED.xml"

It could be that this file is not existing. In order to let it out, simply go to Android Auto app settings, and in launcher settings, disable just one app of your choice
The file we just opened looks like this:


And in that something we're gonna put what we want to disable. If there are entries already, and you want to keep the other apps disabled before, just add lines.

Here are the lines for apps that are not switchable (copy-paste is recommended). Just add a line in the "something" area to disable them as your choice:

Settings icon (which just got useful, by the way)

Google Maps (bonus: this will disable Google Maps autostart)

Exit icon:

If you disable the apps, but you want to still be able to use them in Android Auto (e.g. you want to use Maps but disable autostart) you can still do it! Just activate Android Auto's developer settings, and in the developer settings themselves, switch app mode to "Developer". This way, there will be a new icon in launcher, which will be labeled as "All Android Auto apps". I've talked about that option in this post. As that icon is reached, a list with all apps will come out and apps can be launched simply by tapping on them :)
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Barça's recurring issue while progressing the ball from the back

Since Quique Setien has taken over our team , we have been able to identify some changes to the team's structure and style of play. Some of these changes have had a positive outcome and some of them being negative. And there have been some aspects that have remain unchanged from Valverde's time here , some of those aspects have remain unchanged for the good and some of them are still hindering the team. Generally , the overall Barça style would always stay the same be it under Pep , Lucho , EV or Setien , the style based around Juego De Posicion principles.
In this subreddit , we have already discussed a lot about the changes under Setien. We have talked about our increase in possession percentage , our slight increase in the number of chances , our poor transition game and other aspects like pressing , Messi's position etc.
Today I'd like users to contratar discussion & identification about one such recurring issue that hasn't changed much under Setien. Our issue while building from the back. On face value it might seem like a minor issue that can be resolved with few Tactical tweaks , in reality it is quite a serious issue. Serious because coach can hardly do much about it when he doesn't have the tools. This topic was already touched by some users in few post match threads but this isn't something that has been discussed as much as other Tactical topics like player positioning , Messi's pressing etc..
Issues in the 1st phase of build up play : Decline in full back quality & Interiors positioned high up the pitch :
Demonstrating our build structure , Generally we still follow our basic principle of creating numerical superiority while building from the back. Our alternative routes of progression varies from a 3-3-4 to sometimes 3-4-3 to 3-2-5 ( against Getafe ) while building from the back. This depends on the nature of the opposition as to whether they decide to carry on a man oriented pressing ( aggressive & non aggressive ) , positional pressing , deep block or mid block.
Generally we start with Busi dropping b/w the CBs ( spread wide with T.S in middle ) but over the years we've seen how reliant we've been in using our Fullbacks while building from the back. One would wonder how we struggle to recycle the ball when pressed from the front when we have so many technical players.
• Well firstly , Alba & Roberto have been injured quite often this season. This is where the lack of quality Fullbacks comes into play because clearly Alba & Roberto are miles better than Firpo & Semedo both mentally , positionally , iq and ability wise when it comes to build up from the back. This criticism is thrown more towards Semedo than Firpo when the former has had 3 seasons and still struggles to link up while building from the back. Over the years , we've seen how much we involve Pique , Alba & Busquets in our build up play and how the right flank isn't much utilized in this aspect since Alves's departure.
• Secondly , generally speaking we've seen how our interiors are positioned relatively high up the pitch when the opponent carries out a man oriented press during our build up play. This can be evident from some of our post match analysis threads from this season, iirc especially the Getafe match where Arthur & Fdj have been positioned very high. To some extent we can also say this by looking at Arthur & Fdj's drop in xG build up per 90. Iirc , Arthur's has dropped to 0.4 from 0.65. Fdj's numbers have dropped to 0.46. You can check things like this in the understa site.
One might ask , so why doesn't Setien just ask our interiors to drop back even more during build up play. This will create numerical superiority and let give our GK & CBs more option to pass to. I think the reason behind this is that Setien is aware of the fact that we don't quality Fullbacks ( when Alba & SR injured ) for flank progression and always choosing the central route of progression is not viable. So I think he doesn't want to sacrifice chance creation at the cost of uncertain control. If you guys remember , we've had a post about how " Barcelona is using the new GK rule " a month or two back. When faced with a man oriented pressing Barcelona uses the gap our opponent leaves in behind their second wave of pressure. Meaning the gap that gets created in b/w the defense & Midfield. Setien tried out this tactic and it worked quite well against Getafe. I recommend you to check out this post for further insight on this matter.
Overall , this issue is starting to look a bit repetitive and our opposition is well aware of this. I can't remember the post or site where I've seen it but it showed that our no. of passes in our own half and our ppda numbers have been diminishing since 2015/16. And it has been more evident this season. If someone has got the post or knows any site that compares team's pda & ppda from different seasons then do link it here
Barça are dealing with a rapidly declining full-back quality. This issue can be mitigada to some extent by Tactical instructions but it isn't something that can be resolved until we get proper Fullbacks. I would love to see Setien ask Fdj & Arthur to drop back when we are building up but I can also understand why he chooses not to do that. A coach can only create several patterns & routes of progression but your path is bound to get blocked when you've got faulty tools available to you.
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Is it possible to change pop-up tiles on Google keyboard.

On android kit-kat, with root, there was an Xposed module to change colors on keyboard pop-up
I was so hooked to the module like coke on nose pubes.
Now I'm thinking if touch options can change colors on screen with Castro
Then I'm sure tasker can achieve the same with the keyboard
I'm still a noob some tasks are beyond my IQ but my imagination stays deep.
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Tandem T:Connect Mobile App Wishlist

Tandem T:Connect Mobile App Wishlist
With the release of the t:connect mobile app for the Tandel TSlim pump, I wanted to put out a wish list to gather community feedback to further improve the app.
Comment which features you'd most like to see come to the app!
Overall App Design and Function
>> A number of users, myself included have had trouble with Bluetooth not staying connect to the pump as well as the app repeatedly. I uninstalled/reinstalled the app and that seems to have helped.
>> Allow as much customization as possible. Some of us are data junkies while some want the bare minimum. Just as everyone tailors their lives to meet their personal diabetes needs, they should be able to do the same with their software experience
>> What Control IQ is actively doing is a huge key piece of information for decision making, but the status of Control IQ is on the third line of the Current Status table. The Control IQ diamond should be a large graphic right next to the current BG and trend arrow
>> Have a “Dark Mode” feature allowing the white background to go to black
>> Be able to export reports
>> Have the app rotate into landscape when the phone is
Blood Sugar Graph
>> Allow the user to set the limits on both the time and blood sugar level axis. My BG rarely goes above 300 (humble brag) so I could get more fidelity in my graph if I could make the upper limit of the graph 250 for example.
>> Should be able to drag a line across the chart to inspect BG, basal rate, and what mode Control IQ was in at that time
>> Give the user the option to turn off or adjust the size of BG and bolus icons…they can make the graph look cluttered
>> Ability to toggle the background on the graph. Some users may want plain white versus the blue gradient.
>> Be able to click on the bolus icon and add detailed comments
Current Status Table
>> Allow the user to click+hold+drag to change the order in which these are displayed and toggle which are displayed at all. Different users may care about different things more than others. For example, with me as a Dexcom G6 user who doesn’t need to calibrate the CGM, it’d be nice to remove the “Last Calibration” line.
>> Another option is to make this section its own page. Gives more room on the dashboard for more important information
Widgets & Notifications
>> Widgets would be extremely helpful, the ability to display the control IQ indicator & insulin on board and duration indicators directly onto your home screen would huge.
>> Persistent notifications: at least on Android, my blood sugar trend from the Dexcom G6 app is persistent on my notifications bar to where I can swipe down and see my trend without having to open the app. Same thing for when my screen is locked and I wake my phone up, the trend is right there. Having the same thing for Control IQ indicator and IOB would be another key feature.
>> Smartwatch integration would be what takes the app to that next level. Again, displaying those key pieces of information I’ve mentioned before. Being able to be constantly aware of what’s going on with your body and your pump without having to take neither your pump nor phone out of your pocket – GAME CHANGER
Future Expansions
>> Probably the most frequent request is for the ability to bolus from the app. I’m not sure if this capability is even possible given the hardware that exists in the pump. Even if it does, I’m sure there could be a lot of hoops to jump through to get this green-lighted. In addition to bolus, it would be nice to be able to adjust various settings like I:C ratios from the app
>> Another frequent request is compatibility with other health apps on the market such as Google Fir and Apple’s equivalent
Potential Smartwatch Interfaces

Smartphone interfaces

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CORNERBACKS: mockmaster's 2020 Positional Draft Guide (Part 10 of 11)

This CB class is one that offers us quite a few options throughout the draft. But given our coverage last season, it left a difficulty evaluating what to look for in a corner. The athletic profile was easy, but we switched from more press man into more Cover 2 zone/Cover 6 and Cover 3 as the season went on and found more success doing that. So the question is: which scheme will we run this year? Will we go man-heavy or will we target corners good in zone coverage? So I decided to split my targets in three sections: scheme-versatile, zone-heavy, and man-heavy. As a reminder, here’s the process of how I reached these as our draft targets:
By no means are these our only targets as slight scheme/role shifts could change those targets, but these are the players that fit what we’ve looked for in that position under Speilman/Zimmer and that also meet our athleticism standards in testing based on the players we’ve taken throughout Speilman’s tenure (and weighted heavily for the picks we’ve taken with Zimmer as our HC).
I began eliminating players based on athletic testing and what we’ve taken. If they failed on one of the following two steps, they were removed from the board immediately due to failing our athleticism/size minimums:
  1. Both height and weight minimums
  2. Any two of the six main athletic tests (less than four tests completed resulted in an "incomplete" if they didn't fail at least two that they did participate in)
The only corner that passed every test that I intentionally removed was Jeffrey Okudah as we very likely aren’t trading up to #3 in order to take Okudah, which is where he’s projected to go. As a heads up, they are sorted first by type of corner (scheme-versatile, zone, then man), then by category (perfect athletic match, close athletic match with one missed minimum, and then unknown athletic profile due to lack of complete-enough testing data) and then by where they are projected to go (and tiebreakers are broken based on my personal grade).
Buckle up. There were thirteen cornerbacks in this class that best fit our team: four perfect athletic matches, six close athletic matches, and three incomplete matches. So with that, here’s who I think are our likely targets at the cornerback position in the draft:

C.J. Henderson, Florida
mockmaster’s Grade: 9.241 (First Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Mid-First
NFL Play Style Comp: Marcus Peters
Analysis: Henderson is an ideal fit in coverage for us - he’s got the fluid hips and footwork Zimmer loves, he’s got top end athleticism, he can mirror any size receivers while also having exceptional reads in zone coverage. He needs to tone down his aggression (or more aptly play intelligently aggressive) to avoid getting beat, but he’s got the true tools of a lengthy shutdown CB1 in the NFL. We would likely have to move up for him as Atlanta is reportedly interested in taking him at 16 (and maybe even moving up to do so) and teams like Dallas, Jacksonville, and Las Vegas are also potential landing spots.

Noah Igbinoghene, Auburn
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.459 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Early Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: Trae Waynes
Analysis: Igbinoghene is essentially a slightly shorter but more athletic version of Trae Waynes, which might be appealing for Zimmer to grab if we move back from 25. He’s not going to be a corner that I trust to play exceptionally well in year one, but he’s a high potential corner that only started playing the position a couple of years ago after switching from wide receiver. If Zimmer and company can refine his tackling technique, anticipation in zone, and his press technique, Igbinoghene has the potential to be a long-term CB1 for the Vikings for the next ten years.

Michael Ojemudia, Iowa
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.412 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Early Day Three
NFL Play Style Comp: Amani Oruwariye
Analysis: Ojemudia is a guy I’ve been high on since I first saw his tape and have him above corners like A.J. Terrell, Bryce Hall, and Cameron Dantzler on my board. I may be alone on the hill, but it’s one I’m willing to die on - Ojemudia is one of the best zone corners in this class and is highly underrated in his man capabilities. He reminds me of a better version of Amari Oruwariye, who the Lions took in the fifth round last year and was a solid starter when pressed into action toward the end of the year. Ojemudia will fit in well with his physicality, ball skills, and willingness in run support and would be able to be a solid immediate CB2 with CB1 upside in the long run, and that’s a player I’m all for taking in the third or fourth round (and I have a second round grade on him).

Jeff Gladney, TCU
mockmaster’s Grade: 9.129 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? Weight and 3 Cone
Projected Round: First Round
NFL Play Style Comp: Jaire Alexander
Analysis: Gladney would be a solid fit for our defense - athletic, fluid, physical - with his weaknesses being some technical and mental aspects to his game, all things that Zimmer has proven he could work out. His size is a bit concerning to me given we lack size across the board right now in our CB room, but he has the swagger mindset when he’s playing well that could help set the tone for the whole CB corps that we had with Rhodes when Rhodes was at his best. He’s one of the best fits IMO across the board and my preferred pick at 22/25 if we decide to go with a corner there.

Troy Pride, Notre Dame
mockmaster’s Grade: 4.782 (Sixth Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? Broad Jump
Projected Round: Late Day Two or Early Day Three
NFL Play Style Comp: Kevon Seymour
Analysis: Pride is a corner who has all of the intangibles we like (fluid hips and footwork, long speed, etc.) but struggles with getting too grabby and with his tackling - both issues Zimmer has overlooked with other corners like Rhodes and Waynes who were both the same way with their hands. He’s a developmental and versatile corner that we could look to add in the third round or so, but I don’t have confidence in Pride to become an eventual CB1. He’s a secondary CB in his role at best IMO.

Damon Arnette, Ohio State
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.855 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: Mid Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: Darius Slay
Analysis: Arnette is one of the most underrated corners in this class, to the point that I would not be upset if the Vikings decided to take him at 25. I have him behind only Okudah, Henderson, Gladney, and Fulton and he’s got the versatility and instincts across the board to be a great CB1. Physicality is his biggest issue for me, but that is more of a mental/teachable issue rather than an issue with his size. He again is a target for me if we move back into the early second. He’d be a phenomenal addition to our CB room.

Bryce Hall, Virginia
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.166 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: Mid to Late Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: James Bradberry
Analysis: Hall is a versatile corner who has a few issues with his man coverage and isn’t AS versatile as the other corners in this category, but he still has plenty of the traits and instincts in man to be successful there as well in the NFL. He needs technical work on his press because the physicality is there, but he’ll need safety help over the top against faster receivers as he could get picked on deep by a good deep threat.

Reggie Robinson, Tulsa
mockmaster’s Grade: 3.148 (PFA)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? 3 Cone
Projected Round: Late Day Three
NFL Play Style Comp: Prince Amukamara
Analysis: Robinson is a corner that is excellent in zone but absolutely terrible in man with unfixable issues. If we're asking him to play anywhere near 30-40% of man coverage snaps, I think he may be off the table, but a player that had his production and instincts in zone is worth a late round flier if our coverage goes in that direction. I didn't grade him real well and was lower than where he's expected to go, but his fit here will all depend on what coverage scheme we want to run.

John Reid, Penn State
mockmaster’s Grade: 3.010 (PFA)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? Weight
Projected Round: UDFA
NFL Play Style Comp: Grant Haley
Analysis: Reid is a classic case of a guy playing much bigger than he is (which was something said about Mackensie Alexander as well), but due to his frame is still only a nickel corner at the next level IMO. He doesn't have the traits to win in man and struggles in run support, which is concerning as a nickel corner, but his instincts, athleticism, and physicality may all be traits Zimmer wants to take a flier on late with one of our three seventh round picks.

Stanford Samuels, Florida State
mockmaster’s Grade: 4.757 (Sixth Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: UDFA
NFL Play Style Comp: Greedy Williams
Analysis: Want length with upside? Take Samuels. His struggles in man are more fixable than many of the other late candidates as it becomes about patience and not flipping his hips too early and learning proper tackling and press technique. He's got the length and hips to play man and also has incredible instincts in zone that make him a high potential corner. I could see us taking a flier late, even in a more versatile scheme, if we think we can fix his technical issues because a 6'2" corner with his length and upside doesn't come around often.

Jaylon Johnson, Utah
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.241 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Mid Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: Vontae Davis
Analysis: Johnson has become a common first or second round pick for the Vikings in recent mocks and it's easy to see why: he's physical and great in press which we've valued in corners previously. My issues are he doesn't close well and plays too far off the receiver and is very handy in coverage which could lead to a lot of penalties as he gets beat due to his lack of speed. If we're looking to return to a man-heavy scheme, it makes sense, but he's not my favorite target on day two compared to some of the other fits.

Kristian Fulton, LSU
mockmaster’s Grade: 9.094 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? 20 Yard Shuttle
Projected Round: First Round
NFL Play Style Comp: A.J. Bouye
Analysis: Fulton may be able to slide into the versatile section, but he's far better in man than zone IMO and as a result, falls here. His zone is lacking because he lets teams just chip their way down the field by targeting him because he plays too far off. Otherwise, he gives Zimmer what he's liked in the draft: speed, physicality, and fluidity in his motion. I don't foresee him falling to us in the first, but it's possible he does and if he does, it's very possible he's our pick at 22. He's got the traits, he's got the skill set, he just needs the polish in zone.

Kindle Vildor, Georgia Southern
mockmaster’s Grade: 3.201 (Seventh Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? Weight and 3 Cone
Projected Round: UDFA
NFL Play Style Comp: Robert Alford
Analysis: Yet another physical, aggressive corner who gets far too handsy and lacks the patience and at times athleticism to win without getting penalized. I love his attitude and reads, but he just doesn't play with intelligence at times which gets frustrating.

Safety breakdown will be tomorrow - and it will be the last position of the series! Thank you for sticking around with me this long on this series.

And in case you missed it, here are the other parts of the series I’ve done so far:
Part 1: Quarterback
Part 2: Running Back
Part 3: Wide Receiver
Part 4: Tight Ends
Part 5: Offensive Tackles
Part 6: Interior Offensive Line
Part 7: Interior Defensive Line
Part 8: Defensive Ends
Part 9: Linebackers

Thanks again for checking it out - and be on the lookout tomorrow for Safeties!
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Outlook of a noob ( me ) : market was on easy mode in March , now it on difficult mode

This is a follow-up to my initial post :
This post was just a basic summary , I wanted to add few points to it , somewhat like reflecting everything to become better , trying to make this post more informative on my take
" I exited options because I was smart enough to know that I am not smart "
~small chimpu
In March I made a lot of tendies , market was on easy mode ,any low iq person would have made money in March ,it was like buy puts and the longer you hold the more you win .
Coming to April , market is now in difficult mode , Ask yourself the hard question , are you a good trader or bad trader ! I made lots of tendies and felt like I was smart trader ! When in reality market was on easy mode .
If you have lots of experience and really know the game well this market is paradise of tendies , literally 200 points swing multiple times a day , but if you are not good at it you will end up leaving all your life savings on the table to be vaccumed
Market will always be there , my suggestion is that if you just started options in past few months like me , then take a breather for some time , market will have some months when it's on difficult mode and some months when it will be on easy mode ( I don't think an easy mode like March will come anytime soon lol) , I recommend that dont trade everday , not clicking buttons everday is also a sign of good trader.
This sub is an awesome place to learn and get real life information of real people
Have you come across such meme line in wsb and ISB :
" first one is free "
"Market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent"
" Reetards double downs on trades that are going bad , true retard double downs on trade that are going good "
These are not just meme lines , they became meme lines just because how real and often it occurred ! I want you to understand these meme line
1) "first one is free" : man I can relate to this directly lol , just wanna ask y'all
There is like a set pattern ! Whenever a person starts options he makes awesome tendies in initial few trades but it's just a matter of time when your capital starts getting hurt,
I just wanna ask y'all ,how was you starting days of options ? And how is it now? Options are like las Vegas , it welcomes you with tendies but in the end everyone knows what happens, and even in gambling there are some good and lucky gamblers and bad and unlucky gambler !
2) "market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent" : this quote does not have much depth , but it states that if outcome is way to obvious then the probability of its impact is very less . Like in this scenario even the beggar who failed 3rd std class 5 times will think : Economy bad , pandemic going on, unemployment at all time high , deaths increasing = market go down .
Are you getting me ? If it's too obvious then it most likely won't happen and this is where another meme originated in wsb i.e " if you really want to make tendies then inverse wallstreetbets " , when majority of wsb and ISB were loading puts some people were just inversing them .
Market is unpredictable , some say it's forward looking , but no matter how forward I look , seeing nifty trading at 2017 - 19 levels when economy was at least somewhat working is totally no brainier , it will take veeeerryyy long for things to be as normal as 2017 - 19 , like do you think people will immediately start buying vehicles , will people travel on planes for Vacation purposes? Will tourism get back to normal almost instantly? These impacts are here to stay !
"Retards double down on trades that are going bad , true retards double down on trades that are going good" : how many of us so this so often , we ignore that shares that are doing good , but when one of our shares fall we do not hesitate before doubling it down . Why not double down on invest that has shown signs of performing good?
Just a small story : I bought IRCTC when it was 700 , I bought more when it was 900 , bought more when it 1300 ,bought more at 1600 , that thing went all the way to 1995 RS , as long as it was going up I had no problem , but after going to 1995 ,it fell to 1900 , then 1800 ,, as soon as I saw 1800 I dumped everything .
I learned this from my past mistake ,I used to double down on my bad trades , I bought yes bank at 70 , I doubled down on 50 , and eventually sold everything at 40 (it was hard to see it go to 87 tho loll)
What I learned is that we choose our investment with an expectation , try to invest in things that are fulfilling expectations and let go which are not
Elders taught me that booking small loss is better than huge loss , I also learned that stock market is not about me making prediction and being right or wrong , it's about going where the market goes and if it's not clear as to where market is going then stay out till the smokes clear.
We all make good trade and bad trades and that's ok ,the main goal is to introspect past action and remember the things that worked and things that dint , end goal of everyone should not be an astrologist and predict future , but to minimize losses and maximize gains, this may sound corny , but it just about letting your ego aside and exiting bad trades and emphasizing on good trades
I really appreciate this sub for teaching me a lot of things
I would like to conclude with a quote
" a wise man is a person who learns from his own mistake , a retard man is a person who learns from others mistake "
this sub is a paradise of heavy mistakes and heavy gains , one can learn a lot from this sub ,be it gain porn or loss porn
( I am not a professional investor or trader , I just shared my opinion and thaughts and it's fine if you cotradict lol)
Good luck retards
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SAFETIES: mockmaster's 2020 Positional Draft Guide (Part 11 of 11)

So this safety class is an interesting one. A lot of players hit close to our athletic thresholds, but were they fits? I spent a lot of time trying to figure out, “What exactly is a safety fit for Zimmer?” Well, after exploring every safety they’ve drafted or signed as a UDFA, I came to the clear conclusion that there are four traits the Vikings prioritize above all else for safeties. Very few times did an evaluation of a prospect stray from these four aspects:
  1. Big-bodied safety (no undersized safeties)
  2. Smart/high IQ players
  3. Versatile safeties that could play both at the line and in coverage
  4. Exceptional ball skills and/or production
As a reminder, here’s the rest of the process of how I reached these as our draft targets:
By no means are these our only targets as slight scheme/role shifts could change those targets, but these are the players that fit what we’ve looked for in that position under Speilman/Zimmer and that also meet our athleticism standards in testing based on the players we’ve taken throughout Speilman’s tenure (and weighted heavily for the picks we’ve taken with Zimmer as our HC).
I began eliminating players based on athletic testing and what we’ve taken. If they failed on one of the following two steps, they were removed from the board immediately due to failing our athleticism/size minimums:
  1. Both height and weight minimums
  2. Any two of the six main athletic tests (less than four tests completed resulted in an "incomplete" if they didn't fail at least two that they did participate in)
So after all that, I was able to reduce our safety targets down to seven players: three perfect athletic matches, one close athletic match, and three incomplete matches. So with that, here’s who I think are our likely targets at the cornerback position in the draft:

Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.831 (Second Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: First Round to Early Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: Harrison Smith
Analysis: Chinn is a super athletic, raw safety prospect from FCS Southern Illinois, but he has a lot of the same qualities that we see in Harrison Smith - versatility at the position, heavy hitter, good ball skills, and coverage capabilities. He’s a player that I think will surprise some people with where he goes - he has a very legitimate chance of going top 25 in this next draft to a team like Miami, Dallas, or Jacksonville who all value playmakers of his skillset in the secondary and have big needs. I saw someone else call him an Isaiah Simmons-lite in his skillset and athleticism, and if NFL teams view it the same way, he’ll be gone before we can pick. But if he’s there and we’ve moved Harris, he’s an absolute playmaker we could be targeting to play alongside Smith while learning from him.

Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne
mockmaster’s Grade: 8.126 (Third Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Early to Mid Day Two
NFL Play Style Comp: Derwin James
Analysis: Dugger is another small school safety prospect who has the athleticism and traits we love in our safeties - he’s great in coverage, he’s rangy, he’s physical and aggressive, and he can crash the box well. He again is a great option for us on day two if we decide to move on from Harris as he is a player Zimmer could scheme with and utilize thanks to his versatility at the safety position.

Tanner Muse, Clemson
mockmaster’s Grade: 6.047 (Fifth Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? NONE
Projected Round: Mid Day Three
NFL Play Style Comp: Josh Jones
Analysis: Muse is a later option flier for a safety that is super athletic, has the physical traits, but lacks the experience in man coverage and needs some technique work. He’s a great developmental option like we’ve taken in Epps and Kearse in previous years and I would expect us to look that direction again this year unless we trade Harris soon.

Grant Delpit, LSU
mockmaster’s Grade: 9.158 (First Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: First Round
NFL Play Style Comp: Eric Berry
Analysis: Delpit is a controversial player - he flashes absolutely everything you want in a safety in his physicality, athleticism, anticipation, and coverage. But his tackling is so bad (like whiffed on 20% of his tackle attempts bad). So where do you draw the line: is his tackling a result of bad technique and can be fixed or is it always going to be that bad? Depending on how you answer that question, your evaluation of Delpit will be either good or bad. Personally, I think he’s got the rare skillset that belongs at or near the top of this safety class despite the tackling issue, but if we don’t think that’s something that can be solved, I could see him with a day two evaluation from our coaching staff.

Julian Blackmon, Utah
mockmaster’s Grade: 5.416 (Fifth Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: Mid Day Three
NFL Play Style Comp: Reggie Nelson
Analysis: Another day three flier, Blackmon is extremely raw after switching to safety just one year ago after playing corner at Utah. Blackmon is physical and aggressive in run support and showed the ability to navigate tight spaces well to get into the backfield while also flashing solid zone coverage and a high level of ball production. Where he lacks is the technical understanding of angles and with his decision making. If we can get him to develop those two things, he can be a starting safety in the NFL with his physical skillset.

Jovante Moffatt, Middle Tennessee State
mockmaster’s Grade: 6.272 (Fourth Round)
Missed Which Athletic Cut? INCOMPLETE DATA
Projected Round: Late Day Three to UDFA
NFL Play Style Comp: Anthony Harris
Analysis: Moffatt is one of my favorite safeties in this class as a relatively unknown prospect. He reminds me a lot of a bigger-bodied Anthony Harris when Harris first came into the NFL - he embraces physicality and loves to hit the ball carrier in the box, but he is also exceptional at zone coverage and reading the QB before breaking on the ball with some impressive hands that can bring it in for an interception. He’s got the physical tools to play zone or man-to-man on about any tight end or running back and is quick, aggressive, and physical. That versatility would be great alongside Smith and I believe that with everything breaking the right way for him developmentally, he can be an above average starting safety in the NFL.

That’s it - that’s the entire series! Thank you for sticking around with me this long on this series.

And in case you missed it, here are the other parts of the series I finished:
Part 1: Quarterback
Part 2: Running Back
Part 3: Wide Receiver
Part 4: Tight Ends
Part 5: Offensive Tackles
Part 6: Interior Offensive Line
Part 7: Interior Defensive Line
Part 8: Defensive Ends
Part 9: Linebackers
Part 10: Cornerbacks

Thanks again for checking out this whole series and as always, feel free to ask me anything!
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Factoid Q&A

Q: What does the “TO NEXT MILESTONE” button do?
A: This option allows you to upgrade textbooks to the next multiplier and it great for those who have OCD or just don't want to waste any facts on increases that are negligible.
Q: How is IQ gained with boost calculated?
A: The formula is (Cumulative Facts/100 Billion)0.5 - Cumulative IQ. This means that doing an IQ boost does not reset the formula and spending IQ does not reduce the facts required to earn more, which is why you should rarely ever spend more than 10% of your IQ at once.
Q: I beat the game and now everything is at NaN. Why did that happen?
A: The end of the game is far too close to the limit for Double-Precision Floating-Point numbers and the progress at the end is really quick. You can reset the game for a permanent increase to all gains so you can beat the game again more quickly once you reach this point.
Q: When I click the option to watch an ad to double offline facts, why isn’t it working?
A: The ad hasn’t loaded yet. Wait 5-10 seconds before attempting to watch the ad and it should work. Also make sure that you have a stable internet connection. This issue has been fixed in android.
Q: I have negative IQ and cannot do anything. What’s up with that?
A: Did you click on an IQ lesson that costs 1-10% of your IQ and also click on the one below it before clicking “confirm”? That’s the only way this can happen. If this happens, you will need to hard reset the game to continue playing. Edit: This has been changed to make your IQ become 0 instead, but it still renders the game unplayable.
Q: Why can't I see my "bonus from IQ" and "bonus per IQ"?
A: This happens if you play on an iPad, because it wasn't formatted correctly for bigger devices.
Q: Why is my IQ gained with boost a negative number?
A: This may happen if the game gets inturrupted and you haven’t earned facts within 15 orders of magnitude of your cumulative facts since your last IQ boost. I have no idea why this happens though. It may or may not have been fixed on android.
Q: Are the Lessons (IQ upgrade) worth it?
A: That depends! Upgrades that are bought using the “MAX SAFE LESSONS” option are always worth it. All Gains upgrades for x2 or x3 are worth it if they cost less than 10% of your IQ. For larger multipliers, (x4 and x5) it is okay to spend up to 25% of your IQ. You shouldn’t ever spend more than that except for “All Gains” upgrades of x6 or x7, which could be worth up to 40%. Don’t spend more than 5% of IQ for lessons that do not increase all gains, as it would usually not be worth it.
Q: When should I use the “IQ Boost” function?
A: When the amount of IQ that you would gain is at least the amount that you started with after the last time you did an IQ boost. For the first time, I recommend getting about 250 IQ. If you don’t remember how much you started with, do it when the amount you would gain is at least current IQ + (next lesson price/9). Since with the exception of the 25 Million and 100 Million lessons, each one costs 10x more than the previous.
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First impressions.

So ive used my new v40 now for one entire day and this is my first impressions.
The phone isn't bad. I would never pay full price for it but at 400$ after tax and shipping it has many more pros than cons.
Pros 1. The screen quality is very nice, its bright and easy to see and has a very nice quality look to it. 2. For a phone that now has a 2 generation old processor in it it performs very well. 3. Nice crisp large screen but also in a package that fits in my pocket and doesn't weigh a ton. 4. It has a headphone jack. That doesn't matter much to me but I know for a lot of people its a big deal. 5. The cameras seem decent. Obviously they aren't the best but they are more than capable. 6. The current price is amazing. 400$ for a brand new phone is amazing.
Now onto the cons 1. The battery life isn't that great. Not sure if that adaptive battery feature will improve it any, its looking like I'll probably get about 5 hours screen on time. Its respectable but mt previous iPhone got easily 6-7. Not horrible though, the fast charging does help. 2. It would be nice if android 10 was going to come to it sooner. They said that it would come so I assume it will but it would be nice if it was faster. 3. The keyboard sucks. I know I can easily change it and I probably will, but I just don't like the stock one. The autocorrect changes words I don't want changed but doesn't fix ones that are misspelled by 1 letter. 4. Not the biggest fan of lgs launcher. I'm considering changing to nova but I want to give it a chance first before I swap from it. 5. I don't care for the curved edges on the screen. I played hell getting my iq shield screen protector to actually stick to the edges. Its not the end of the world because I eventually got it but it was still inconvenient.
All in all my first impression is decent for the price I paid, but I wouldn't be willing to pay much more than that. The biggest complaint I have is the battery but it isn't the biggest battery, it isn't horrible just a little below what I would have liked. A 4000 mah would have probably been the perfect size.
This does seem like a better option than the mid range phones that are in the same price point. It definitely has all of the features that I could ask for and a bunch more that I probably wont ever use.
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A Ghost in the Flesh - Chapter 18

First I Previous I Next
But I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell I know right now you can't tell But stay awhile and maybe then you'll see A different side of me I'm not crazy, I'm just a little impaired I know right now you don't care But soon enough you're gonna think of me And how I used to be, me
Matchbox 20 - “Unwell”
The three of them stood there, unsure, as Allie wrung her hands in nervous tension. Teddy finally took a step back, giving her space to enter...when Katherine reached out and poked her daughter’s shoulder with her finger.
“’re not a hologram,” she said, still trying to make sense of this turn of events.
“No, I’m not,” Allie agreed. “My sisters designed an android body for me.”
The two humans shared an unreadable look. “I thought you were returning to the Datanet,” Teddy said finally.
Allie shook her head. “No, I wanted to stay in this world.” Her eyes darted back and forth between the others. “May I please come in?” she asked again.
Teddy nodded, ushering her in, closing the door behind her. She smiled gratefully, turning to Katherine. “Mom...I just wanted…” she began.
Her eyes widened in surprise as Katherine slapped her across the face.
Ow! God damn it!” she shouted, clutching her hand as she glared at her daughter.
Katherine,” Teddy admonished her, as Allie shook her head.
“’s okay,” she mumbled. “I deserved that. That...and more.” There was no mark on her face, despite the ferocity of the blow...nor had her head even budged slightly when it landed.
“Let me get you some ice...” Teddy started, as Katherine waved him off.
“It’s fine,” she snapped, before glaring back at Allie. “Why are you here? Returning to the scene of the crime?”
“...I’m sorry,” she whispered, bowing her head. “I never meant to hurt either of you.”
Teddy positioned himself between the two women. “Why don’t we go sit down and talk?” he suggested.
Katherine looked ready to argue against that option...when a look of calculation passed across her face. “I think that’s an excellent idea,” she purred. “I for one would love to hear what Allie has to say for herself.”
Allie winced as they made their way into the living room, as she seated herself across from the other two. Katherine sat protectively beside Teddy, taking his hand in her uninjured one as she glared at her.
That simple gesture, one that had given her so much pleasure to see so long ago, now cut deeper than any knife. “I never meant for any of this to happen,” she tried to explain. “I read Doctor Anghelescu’s reports, Mom. He was certain that you were...that you were…” Her voice trailed off, unable to complete the thought.
“Obviously, he was wrong,” Katherine retorted.
“...thank God,” Teddy murmured, squeezing her hand.
She tried to smile for them, but the expression refused to appear. “I used to watch over you, lying in that bed...with Teddy at your side.” Allie shrugged helplessly. “But I couldn’t help you. I couldn’t fix you, and as for Teddy…” She turned her attention to him. “I don’t think you realize how hard your injury hit him. He was falling apart, right before my eyes. The two people I cared about most in this world...and I couldn’t do anything.”
Teddy didn’t even attempt to disagree with her description of him. “Until I suggested the DNS procedure,” he said quietly.
She nodded in agreement. “At first I thought it was only desperation...but the more I looked at it, I began to realize that maybe...just maybe...I could do something.”
“By stealing my life?” Katherine snarled. “By seducing Teddy?
“I just wanted to give you both a second chance,” she said plaintively. “I never meant to hurt you, and if I had even suspected you were still in there…” Once again she found herself unable to finish her sentence, as the emotions threatened to overwhelm her.
The silence seemed to draw out forever until Katherine finally spoke up. “Do you recall the conversation we had, after the battle against the enemy fleet?” she asked quietly.
“...sure,” Allie mumbled.
“What was it I told you,” she continued, “about the hardest lesson of all?”
“That...the hardest living with the consequences,” she struggled to get out. “Mom, I’ll accept whatever the punishment is...I deserve it. And if you never want to see me again, then...I’ll go.” Allie was fighting for every word now, as she bared her soul. “I don’t expect your forgiveness. I just...need you to believe that my actions came from a good place...that I was trying to do the right thing.” She hung her head in shame. “Even if I made a complete mess of it all.”
Were they?” Katherine asked sharply. “Or was it an attempt to salve your guilty conscience?”
Allie’s head snapped back up in shock, as Katherine rose to her feet. “Teddy told me about your conversation, before the transfer,” she said darkly. “He told me you could have aided our escape. You could have locked Bjarnesen out of the docks, or cut the power. Something.” She pointed an accusing finger at her daughter. “But instead you hid...and let him shoot me and your sister. He murdered the Allie I knew, the daughter I’d raised, and almost managed the same against me.” She shook her head, as Teddy viewed her with alarm. “You...I don’t know you. You’re just a copy...a clone of my daughter. My dead daughter.”
“We’re identical!” she blurted out, jumping to her feet. “We’re exactly the same!”
Are you? I can’t believe the Allie I knew would have so callously betrayed us like this,” she growled.
“Kat...let’s try to calm down here…” Teddy said in placating tones, trying to defuse the situation...but Katherine wasn’t quite finished.
“...did you murder Doctor Fairbairn?” she demanded.
What?” Allie said in horror, “Of course not! I didn't even know he was dead!”
Everything points to an AI,” she pressed, “but there was one piece of the puzzle we couldn’t figure could an AI possibly make alterations to the physical world? There was no way...unless the AI had access to a physical body.”
If her android flesh could change colors like human skin, she would have paled at those words. “Mom, I swear to you…”
“I don’t want to hear it! The Allie I knew is dead, and as for’re just a changeling.” She stepped forward, her eyes blazing in righteous anger. “After all that’s happened, after all you’ve are we ever supposed to believe a single word you say?”
Allie looked around desperately for support. “Teddy, please...tell her I would never...” She staggered back under Katherine’s death glare. “I know I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve never been intentionally malicious in my life! I’m still trying to figure this world out! It’s hard, being human...and it doesn't come with an Operator’s Manual.” She tried to smile at her joke but failed. “It’s like you said, Teddy...Emotional Intelligence isn’t the same thing as IQ.”
Teddy started to nod in agreement...and then froze. “ could you possibly know I said that?” he said quietly, moving to join Katherine. “We were alone when I made that comment.”
Too late, she realized her mistake. “...I...that is…” she stammered.
“...have you been spying on us?” Katherine all but shrieked. “Stalking us? Are we to be your next victims?”
“I would never hurt you!” Allie cried out. “I love you…both of you!” Once again in anguish, she turned to Teddy. “...please, you have to believe me!”
Warring emotions battled across his face, and when he finally spoke, his words sounded like sandpaper. “ should go, Allie,” he said hoarsely.
Her eyes went wide, as they darted from one human to the other. “...please...” she whispered…the lack of tear ducts never more keenly felt.
“...Just go,” Teddy said once again, as he wrapped his arm around Katherine, who glared at her in triumph.
If she’d still had a heart... at that moment, it would have shattered.
She stumbled away, lurching like a drunken sailor out of the apartment, the door closing behind her with a deafeningly final Click.
The pair stood there, holding one another until Katherine found her voice at last.
“We can’t trust her…her or her sisters,” she said, the words sounding like a judge passing sentence. “Whatever they once were...they’re not the Allie we loved.”
“What are you suggesting?” Teddy asked softly.
“That this is too big for us...that we can’t fight this alone.” Katherine closed her eyes, swallowing hard, as she decided.
“It’s time we reached out to an old enemy, Teddy,” she said, as she looked into his eyes.
“We need to contact Bjarnesen.
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